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Federally-funded head start programs help prepare young children from low-income families, ages birth to five years old, and their parents for the social and educational challenges that young children face as they develop. Each head start program focuses on providing comprehensive services designed to enhance a child's emotional, social, cultural, language, reading, mathematics, science, health and nutrition education.

This head start center locator page contains links to listings of programs offered in the 15 counties in the state of Arizona. Each listings page contains the name, address and contact information for a specific county's available centers. From that page, use additional links to explore individual center facts, application instructions and directions.

Our head start center locator features the number of head start centers per county in parentheses ( ) to the right of the county names. To see a current list of your county's head start centers, click your county's name.

Arizona Head Start Program Centers Listed by Counties

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Phoenix AZ 85008-1004
Head Start is a free, comprehensive child development program serving low-income children ages birth through four, their families and expectant mothers. High-quality education and a wide array of services combine to help prepare children for success in school and life.
Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood education program for pre-school age children whose families meet current Department of Health and Human Services income eligibility guidelines.
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (MSHS)
Phoenix AZ 85034-1171
In 1996 CPLC was chosen to be the Arizona Migrant and Seasonal Head Start grantee. With a 2 million dollar budget, 301 funded slots, and 4 sites, CPLC began the project with very little knowledge of Head Start and its intricacies. Nearly twelve years later, CPLC has increased its Head Start budget to over $11 million, more than doubled its funded slots to 752, and increased its capacity with five additional sites, and learned an immense amount about early child care and education along the way.
Child-Parent Centers, Inc.
Tucson AZ 85713-1701
Head Start was created to help children from lowincome families prepare to enter kindergarten. For over 40 years Head Start grantees like Child-Parent Centers, Inc. have delivered quality education services that teach preschoolers and preschool age children with disabilities the literacy, math, science, art, and social skills necessary to succeed.
Booker T. Washington Child Development Center
Phoenix AZ 85034-1182
Project Head Start, launched as a summer program by the Office of Economic Opportunity in 1965, was designed to break the cycle of poverty by providing preschool children and their families with a program to meet their social, health, nutritional and psychological needs. Head Start is now a $7 billion dollar program that provides comprehensive services to low-income children from age three to the age of school attendance. A new program, Early Head Start, serving children from birth to three years was initiated in 1995. Head Start serves nearly 900,000 children and families nationwide, through a network of approximately 1,600 grantees
Hualapai Head Start (AIAN)
Peach Springs AZ 86434
The Hualapai Head Start program serves 57 children in and around the Peach Springs, Arizona area. Children are eligible to start Head Start after their third birthday. Once a child is accepted into the Head Start program they may remain until they enter Kindergarten.
Head Start/Early Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood development program designed to provide education, health and social services to low income children, ages 0-5 and their families. Maricopa County Head Start emphasizes on pre-reading, language, math and other cognitive skills, while continuing to promote children's health, social and emotional competence as part of school readiness. Services to children are provided by qualified and well-trained teachers in a classroom setting with a low student-teacher ratio. The low ratio allows us to make a significant and meaningful impact on the educational and social development of the children that we serve.
Navajo Nation Head Start (AIAN)
Window Rock AZ 86515
Navajo Head Start, an early childhood development organization established within the boundaries of the four sacred mountains, utilizes holistic services to empower children, families and communities to become self-sufficient. Through the practice of cultural skills and language, our children will gain a positive self-identity, strong self-esteem and confidence to become responsible citizens. Our team of dedicated service providers will exemplify high moral principals and commitment to quality services in preparing children to overcome educational and life challenges.
Northern Arizona Council of Governments
Flagstaff AZ 86001-5222
Head Start has been a part of northern Arizona for over thirty years. The Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) administers the Program that has a service area of 27,000 square miles and includes the four counties of Apache, Navajo, Coconino, and Yavapai. The Program serves children zero to five years old who meet the required income guidelines. NACOG uses several program options to provide Preschool and Early Head Start services in 28 Northern Arizona communities on behalf of 1613 children.
The children and families of the Ili Uusim Mahtawapo Head Start Program will benefit, from a better education, health, strong self-esteem and self awareness. They will be self-sufficient, successful, independent and productive contributors to society. Our community will produce future leaders for our ever-changing world.