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Pomona Unified School District, a Head Start Program of Pomona, CA

Child Development
Pomona CA CA
Contact Phone
(909) 397-4622
Head StartGoalPrepare preschool children for Kindergarten by introducing socialization, literacy, numeric exploration, phonological awareness, social studies introductions, appropriate investigation into the world of science that surrounds us, ensure children have physicals and immunizations, provide early intervention if necessary, and assist parents to transition their child successfully into Kindergarten.
Who is Eligible?

Children who are 3 to 5 years old are eligible for Head Start services. Pregnant women and children from birth to 3 years of age are eligible for Early Head Start services. Children and families who are homeless, in foster care, or receive TANF or SSI are also eligible for services. Eligibility is determined by Head Start program staff and some families may be eligible for services if they are determined to be at or below the federal poverty level. Some grantees enroll a percentage of children from families with incomes above the Poverty Guidelines as well.

Families are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply
Enrollment InformationEligibility is based on the age of the child, family income, family size, as well as other criteria that may prioritize a child for eligibility. The program welcomes foster children, children with disabilities (if this is the appropriate placement), and families in transitional living situations.Head Start classrooms are throughout the Pomona Unified School District. DataServes 982 students For more information, Call (909) 397-4622
Center Locations
  • Alcott
    1600 S Towne Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 620-8641
  • Allison
    1011 Russell Pl, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4497
  • Arroyo
    1605 Arroyo Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4573
  • Barfield
    2181 N San Antonio Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4578
  • Cortez School
    1300 N Dudley St, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4445
  • Emerson
    635 Lincoln Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 622-4642
  • Harrison
    425 E Harrison Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 621-6957
  • Kellogg
    610 Medina St, Pomona CA
    (909) 468-9142
  • Kingsley
    1170 Washington Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4751
  • Lexington
    550 W Lexington Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4679
  • Lincoln
    1200 N Gordon St, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4418
  • Madison
    351 W Phillips Blvd, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4691
  • Mendoza
    851 S Hamilton Blvd, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4749
  • Montvue
    1440 San Bernardino Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 694-0803
  • Park West
    1540 W 2nd St, Pomona CA
    (909) 623-7269
  • Philadelphia
    600 Philadelphia St, Pomona CA
    (909) 591-3672
  • Prototypes
    845 E Arrow Hwy, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4694
  • Pueblo
    1460 E Holt Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4914
  • Roosevelt
    701 N Huntington Blvd, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4752
  • San Antonio
    855 E Kingsley Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 629-6795
  • San Jose
    2015 Cadillac Dr, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4673
  • Vejar
    950 W Grand Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4736
  • Washington
    975 E 9th St, Pomona CA
    (909) 394-4484
  • Westmont
    1780 W 9th St, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4683
  • Yorba School
    250 W La Verne Ave, Pomona CA
    (909) 397-4468

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