Tacoma Public Schools, a Head Start Program of Tacoma, WA

Tacoma WA WA
Contact Phone
(253) 571-1000
Head Start programs promote school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families. They engage parents in their children's learning and help them in making progress toward their educational, literacy, and employment goals. Significant emphasis is placed on the involvement of parents in the admininistration of local Head Start programs.
Who is Eligible?

Children who are 3 to 5 years old are eligible for Head Start services. Pregnant women and children from birth to 3 years of age are eligible for Early Head Start services. Children and families who are homeless, in foster care, or receive TANF or SSI are also eligible for services. Eligibility is determined by Head Start program staff and some families may be eligible for services if they are determined to be at or below the federal poverty level. Some grantees enroll a percentage of children from families with incomes above the Poverty Guidelines as well.

Families are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply
Enrollment Enrolling in or withdrawing from Tacoma Public Schools Tacoma Schools educate up to age 21 in a variety of programs aimed at making them lifetime learners. Here are the steps to enroll your child in the district: Enrolling your child in kindergarten or first grade for the first time? A student entering school for the first time must be five years old before September 1 for kindergarten or six years old before September 1 for first grade. Tacoma Public Schools offer students who first enter elementary a choice of any school provided space is available. Elementary parents/guardians must provide transportation if their student chooses a school other than the neighborhood school. Go to your neighborhood school to enroll. If you do not know the name of your neighborhood school or have questions call Enrollment Services at 571-1142 with your home address. They will give you your primary school of assignment which is considered your neighborhood school. Are you new to Tacoma and n
Center Locations
  • Arlington
    3002 S 72nd St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-3224
  • Birney
    1202 S 76th St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-4613
  • Blix
    1302 E 38th St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-7520
  • Downing
    2502 N Orchard St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-7115
  • Edison
    5830 S Pine St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-1686
  • Franklin
    1402 S Lawrence St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-1400
  • Lister
    2106 E 44th St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-2970
  • Lyon
    101 E 46th St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-4848
  • Madison
    3101 S 43rd St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-1900
  • Mann
    1002 S 52nd St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-6345
  • McCarver
    2111 S J St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-4942
  • Point Defiance
    4330 N Visscher St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-6870
  • Reed
    1802 S 36th St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-6423
  • Roosevelt
    3550 E Roosevelt Ave, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-4454
  • Stanley
    1712 S 17th St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-4517
  • Whitman
    1120 S 39th St, Tacoma WA
    (253) 571-7243

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