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Federally-funded head start programs help prepare young children from low-income families, ages birth to five years old, and their parents for the social and educational challenges that young children face as they develop. Each head start program focuses on providing comprehensive services designed to enhance a child's emotional, social, cultural, language, reading, mathematics, science, health and nutrition education.

This head start center locator page contains links to listings of programs offered in the 62 counties in the state of Louisiana. Each listings page contains the name, address and contact information for a specific county's available centers. From that page, use additional links to explore individual center facts, application instructions and directions.

Our head start center locator features the number of head start centers per county in parentheses ( ) to the right of the county names. To see a current list of your county's head start centers, click your county's name.

Louisiana Head Start Program Centers Listed by Counties

Recently Updated Center in Louisiana Head Start Program Database:

City of Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge LA 70805-4138
Our Mission of the East Baton Rouge Parish Head Start Program is to provide high-quality, comprehensive programs relating to health, disabilities, education, and family services to eligible low-income families and their children.
Calcasieu Parish School System
Lake Charles LA 70615-3808
Our MissionTo provide high quality education for children and their familiesFunding SourcesCalcasieu Parish Schools Head Start Program is funded by the Administration for Children and Families of the Department of Health and Human Resources
Jefferson Community Action Programs
Jefferson LA 70123
The program establishes a supportive learning environment for children, parents, and staff; giving them enhanced awareness, refined skills, and increased understanding of values. Head Start embraces a comprehensive vision of healthcare for children and families within the parish wide communities of Jefferson.
Lafourche Parish Head Start
Mathews LA 70375-2043
Welcome to Lafourche Parish Head Start! Our program earned a Certificate of Excellence in March, 2007, for being in full compliance with all applicable Head Start Program Performance Standards, laws, regulations, and policy requirements.
Plaquemines Parish Public Schools Head Start
Belle Chasse LA 70037
Head Start is a Federally funded program for low income and disadvantaged children. Head Start is a comprehensive child development program which serves children from 3 to 5, and their families. The Head Start Program delivers comprehensive high quality services designed to foster healthy development in low-income children. Head Start provides a range of individualized services in the areas of education and early childhood development; medical, dental, and mental health; nutrition; and parent involvement. In addition, the entire range of Head Start services is responsive and appropriate to each child's and family's developmental, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage and experience. Head Start programs must adhere to Program Performance Standards. They are designed to ensure that the Head Start goals and objectives are implemented successfully, that the Head Start philosophy continues to thrive, and that all grantee and delegate agencies maintain the highest possible quality in the provision of Head Start services. Plaquemines Parish Head Start student selection procedures comply with Federal Head Start Guidelines. Head Start actively recruits children with disabilities. Head Start does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or disability.
Quad Area Community Action Agency
Hammond LA 70401-4907
Provides children 3-5 years old in East Feliciana parish the opportunity to attend a Child Development Program. This program provides Education, Health, Nutrition and Social Services. The children are provided initial experiences and success which promote the child's confidence, self-respect and positive self-image.
Regina Coeli Child Development Center
Robert LA 70455-1732
Head Start is a comprehensive program designed to foster the healthy development of young children from low-income families. The program has grown from a brief, eight-week summer program for preschoolers in 1965 to a year-round program today, serving children from birth to age five and pregnant women. Head Start provides children from low-income families with daily nutritious meals and many opportunities for social, emotional, and intellectual growth that can prepare them for success in school and in life. The program also connects children to a health care source and provides vital support services to their families.
Sabine Parish School Board Head Start
Many LA 71449-3317
The Sabine Parish School Board Universal Prekindergarten staff and administration are committed to providing a high quality, comprehensive, preschool program for all preschool children and their families through a child-centered curriculum. The first priority of the program is to instill a healthy self concept in each child. Parents play a very important role in the development of a child's self esteem. The Universal Prekindergarten staff works with the family in creating the best possible environment for each child.
SMILE Community Action Agency's HS Program
Lafayette LA 70502-3343
Perhaps one of the greatest social programs of recent years, Head Start provides a part-day program for 1,300-plus preschool children. Includes social competence in health, educational, social and nutritional activities. Also offers disability services for children, and provides special needs for them so that they can interact and assimilate in the learning environment. In addition, the program provides training and technical assistance to the staff and parents to better prepare them to achieve the overall goals and objectives of Head Start. This includes workshops and college credit courses in Early Childhood Development.
St. Bernard Parish School Board
Chalmette LA 70043-5162
The purpose of the St. Bernard Parish Public School Early Childhood Program is to provide universal pre-kindergarten classes to four-year-old children who are eligible to enter public school kindergarten the following year and as many eligible three-year-old students as grant funding permits, including those students with disabilities. Students must turn three or four prior to September 30, of the current school operating year.The Early Childhood Program is funded through federal, state, and local monies from the following sources: Head Start, 8(g), LA 4, Educational Excellence Funds, Title I, Early Intervention and the St. Bernard Parish School System. The Early Childhood Program strives to offer the same high quality developmentally appropriate program to all participants regardless of the funding sources.Before and after care services are provided to children who meet eligibility requirements and as long as funding is available.