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Early Head Start and Head Start Programs are currently offered to pregnant women and children from 0 to 5 years old, as well as their families. The eligibility requirements vary from one local program to the next. Your family may qualify for Early Head Start and Head Start Services if your family income is currently at or below the federal poverty level.

In certain cases, children that come from families whose income exceed the federal poverty level may qualify, as long as some other requirements are met. Those who have children in foster care, families who receive SSI or TANF benefits, as well as homeless families may qualify for a Head Start Program.

There are numerous head start centers located in Warren. As the centers offer their services to families that could be eligible under specific local criteria, you should get in touch with your local center for additional details.

Our goal is to provide you with information that is as accurate and timely as possible. To leave a review or report inaccurate information about a center, please click on its listing.

Current List of Head Start Program Centers in Warren MI

    24580 Cunningham Ave Warren, MI
    (586) 469-5215
    12900 Frazho Rd Warren, MI
    (586) 469-5215
  • LEAN
    2825 Girard Dr Warren, MI
    (586) 469-5215
    13173 Toepfer Rd Warren, MI
    (586) 774-4249
    8129 Packard Ave Warren, MI
    (586) 469-5215
    21555 Warner Ave Warren, MI
    (586) 469-5215
    11333 Kaltz Ave Warren, MI
    (586) 469-5215