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Federally-funded head start programs help prepare young children from low-income families, ages birth to five years old, and their parents for the social and educational challenges that young children face as they develop. Each head start program focuses on providing comprehensive services designed to enhance a child's emotional, social, cultural, language, reading, mathematics, science, health and nutrition education.

This head start center locator page contains links to listings of programs offered in the 88 counties in the state of Ohio. Each listings page contains the name, address and contact information for a specific county's available centers. From that page, use additional links to explore individual center facts, application instructions and directions.

Our head start center locator features the number of head start centers per county in parentheses ( ) to the right of the county names. To see a current list of your county's head start centers, click your county's name.

Ohio Head Start Program Centers Listed by Counties

Recently Updated Center in Ohio Head Start Program Database:

ACCAA - Head Start
Ashtabula OH 44004-9393
Head Start/Early Head StartMISSION“People Helping People”VISION & GOALS In harmony with the mission of Ashtabula County Community Action Agency (A.C.C.A.A.)"EMPOWERMENT & QUALITY OF LIFE"and in harmony with all Head Start, and other related early childhoodservice legislation, we will address assessed community needsfocused on eligible families with young children,
Akron Summit Community Action, Inc.
Akron OH OH
The Head Start/Early Head Start Program provides high-quality early childhood education in age-appropriate, nurturing and secure center-based infant/toddler and pre-school learning environments. The home based option is also offered for 12 Early Head Start families.
Barberton Head Start
Barberton OH OH
Welcome to Head Start! We have a very fun and exciting year planned for you and your child. We welcome parents to come into Decker and volunteer. We also encourage parents to get involved in Policy Committee by atttending meetings and being a room representative for your child's classroom. We have many Parent Trainings scheduled for this school year on a variety of subjects. Please check your calendar for dates and times of these trainings. We recognize and value that as parents you are your child's first and most influential teacher- make sure you read to your child everyday! Together we will make this a great year!
Hamilton OH 45011
Head StartBCESC Head Start is a federally funded preschool program for children ages 3-5. With fifteen centers located in communities throughout Butler County, our child-focused program has the overall goal of increasing school readiness and social competence of young children. BCESC Head Start is built upon the understanding that the development of young children is deeply influenced by their family, their community, and their early educational experiences. We are dedicated to preparing preschoolers to take on the challenges of Kindergarten.
CAPC Washington-Morgan County
Marietta OH 45750-0144
Head StartHead Start is a free preschool for eligible families that specializes in the educational and social development of young children age 3-5. Our number one goal is to prepare children for kindergarten. Our curriculum takes into account the importance of social skills and group-work while focusing on the necessary educational skills.
Celina City Schools
Celina OH 45822-8151
Mercer Co. Head Start is a federally funded program that provides opportunities for children to participate in age appropriate activities and experiences, while offering support for the entire family.
Child Care Resources, Inc.
Zanesville OH 43701-2606
Head Start believes that each child is a unique individual. A child can benefit most from a comprehensive program which involves both the family and the community. As the family is the principle influence on the child's development, they must be a direct participant in the program. Thus, the program serves the child, not only through educational, health, nutrition, and mental health services for the child, but also providing support and needed services for the total family. As the basic needs of the family are met, it is enabled to better nurture the development of its' children.
CDCFC, Inc. provides high quality, comprehensive development programs and services to income-eligible children and their families. Children ages 3-5 years old may attend full orpart-day preschool classes that focus on developing school readiness skills, along with providing health, nutrition, and other social services throughout program enrollment.
Child Focus, Inc.
Cincinnati OH 45244-1518
Head Start is a national program funded by the Office of Head Start, Administration for Children and Families. This program is recognized as the premier provider of developmental and educational services to pregnant moms, babies, toddlers and preschoolers who live in poverty and struggle to meet the basic need of life. The overall goal of Head Start is to increase the school readiness and social competence of young children in low-income families. Head Start services are family-centered and comprehensive. Child Focus, Inc. provides both Head Start and Early Head Start reaching over 700 at risk low income children in Clermont County ages 0-5 every year. Services for children 0-3 and pregnant moms are part of the Early Head Start program. Services offered for preschool age children ages 3-5 are part of the Head Start program. The program philosophy, program approach, target population and delivery models are very similar in both programs.
Head Start serves over 150 children, three to five years old, from economically disadvantaged families. The program provides services in the areas of education, nutrition, health, mental health, transportation, and social services. The children are in class 3 ½ hours a day; being offered the opportunity to gain all the skills necessary to succeed. Degreed teachers provide the children with these opportunities. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their children’s education and are given information as to what they can do to help.